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Basic Architecture

Guaranteed Performance & Consistency, with Flexible Configuration Support

· Modularization of independent processes to OS & DB (process monitoring, process support)
· Separation of message & data transfer ports, and separate protocol application
· Manager support for replication monitoring and control

Extended Architecture (Including M/W)

Improved Expandability and Performance, and Data Protection

· Supports complicated configurations, such as network restrictions or N:N
· Supports web-based replication statistics monitoring

Product Details

Main Features

Replication of Heterogeneous Database

· Supports main Source DBs
· Supports main Target DBs
· Supports various replication configurations such as 1:1, 1:N, or N:1

Guarantee of Data Stability/Consistency

· Encryption of transferred data
· Data consistency check and recovery architecture
· Auto recovery feature in case of failure

High Performance

· Direct Log Access Method
· Enables remote distance replication with minimum network load
· Minimizes the source server load through the M/W architecture

Integrated Monitoring/Management Feature

· Monitoring feature of CLI & GUI method
· Analyzes process status and replication conditions
· Connection of mobile services

Management Features

Management of CLI & GUI Method and Integrated Control Monitoring

· Provides management and monitoring features of Command Line Interface (CLI) and GUI methods
· Provides integrated control monitoring features, such as selection of initial replication target and verification of replication status

Replication Status Monitoring

· Checks the process status for replication
· Provides the features to check replication and replication status of various units, such as Schema, Table, and Row

Data Validation Feature Provided by Default and Monitoring

· Provides data verification feature by default without additional costs
· Provides the feature to check and warn of random or intentional target data correction

Mobile App Connection Monitoring

· The feature to notify the administrator via app or email if an error occurs during the data replication process

Utilization Plan #1

Database Disaster Recovery

· Performs query and report duties through the database configured as DR

Utilization Plan #2

Real-Time Data Migration between Heterogeneous Databases

· Supports data integrity
· Uses as backup and migration when migrating the Oracle Database in operation to a heterogeneous database (MS-SQL, MySQL, Tibero, CUBRID)

Utilization Plan #3

Data Distribution

· Replicates the data of source database to N number of heterogeneous target databases

Utilization Plan #4

Data Integration

· Integrates N number of operation database data as RDW


(Excluding VAT)
Provided UnitUsage Fee
Per vCPU100,000 KRW
At the request of initial installation and configuration1,000,000 KRW/set

· Cost including maintenance fees

· On-premise cores are calculated as the same units as vCPU

· Example of calculating fees)

1. On-Premise (Source DB): Unix HP Server 4-core Oracle

2. NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM (Migration target database) : 4vCPU 1 Unit, MySQL

=> Usage Fee: 8-core * 100,000 KRW = 800,000 KRW/Month

Initial installation cost: 1,000,000 KRW

Technical Support

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