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Ace Counter + is a Web app analysis service optimized for the domestic digital marketing environment by considering device characteristics.
Provides extensive and in-depth visitor behavior analysis reports to encourage customer-driven decision-making.

Product Details

Main Features

Web/App Analytics optimized for digital marketing

  • Multi-channel conversion for customer preference channels and marketing contact analysis
  • In-house marketing for website link analysis
  • Online shopping mall user behavior analysis via product / purchase tracking

Detailed Features


Search engines, search ads, in-house marketing, etc. can be used to identify where visitors are located and can analyze the performance of each incoming source, such as conversion and return.


Analyze tracking and indirect conversion of the steps leading up to the conversion, which is the final destination page (purchase, membership, etc.), so that the reach of the marketing contacts can be increased.


Analyze product preferences, including popular products, carts, and purchases, and provide potential customer reports on step-by-step exits in the purchase process.

Ad costs linked

You can link advertising media data for paid marketing campaigns. NAVER advertisement products can be collected automatically via the API. An upload function is provided for other advertisement products. Confirm ROAS by linking with advertising media data.

User / Membership Analysis

We carefully measure visitor tendencies through basic access status, such as page views, number of visits, new visits, new / cumulative trends of active users, retention rate analysis, and membership analysis.

Content Analysis

It is possible to analyze visitor activity based on what content they are interested in and what they have visited, such as popular pages, internal banners, internal search words, routes, scenario analyses, etc.


The KPI report analyzes the numerical and percentage changes of the baseline and comparison periods for the selected primary data and displays diagnostic results based on the baseline.


Unlike standardized reports, this provides users with the ability to select visit attributes and performance indicators in order to extract desired data.

Installation & Usage Guide

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(Excluding VAT)
Page view (month)Premium rate
200,000PV or less30,000 KRW
200,001~300,000PV45,000 KRW
300,001~1,000,000PV Increase of KRW 15,000 per 100,000 PV
exceeding 1,000,000 PVSeparate consultation

· Users are entitled to a free 30-day trial of premium (paid) service upon application.
· At the end of the 30-day free trial, the premium (paid) service fee will be charged based on the total number of page views received during the free trial period.

Technical support

Product & Technical Support Inquiries

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