Customer Success Stories

These customer case studies introduce successful companies that provide safe and efficient services via the NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM.

With the NAVER Cloud Platform, we could effectively manage the internal development and service infrastructure.
It allowed developers to add or return servers as needed without an additional application or approval process that requires securing a budget, making a proposal, requesting equipment, preparing or supplying infrastructure. It also provided a natural efficiency by allowing developers to visualize usage status by organization for a much faster infrastructure supply and efficient resource management. Depending on the demand for major services, we were able to respond quickly and efficiently not only for users in Korea but also for those overseas.


"Our particular platform requires large-scale performance tests and we've been very satisfied with NAVER Cloud Platform, because it allows us to perform these tests quickly and easily. As we conduct frequent tests to meet urgent service release dates, it is extremely convenient to handle these issues directly without contacting an SE or IDC representative when the server stops or if problems arise during these busy times."

  • Background

    • Need for a wide range of cloud services following the switch from packaged software to SaaS
    • Need for a highly flexible and scalable infrastructure
  • Use

    • Compose an infrastructure for SaaS service provision (Server, Load balancer, NAS, etc.). Provide the user guide needed for the initial system composition.
    • Designs infrastructure based on recommendations of expert consultants
  • Results

    • Ensures performance and scalability required by Donus
    • Solves issues quickly with rapid technical support