HPC(High-Performance Computing) on Cloud

Create your HPC cluster in a cloud environment

About Architecture

High-Performance Computing (HPC) is a large-scale computing service that allows you to analyze foreign exchange rates or risks of financial derivatives. It is an ideal service for processing vast amounts of data from the Korean Meteorological Administration such as weather and climate modeling and performing complex calculations rapidly. NAVER Cloud Platform is integrated with its partner’s HPC platform to enable the rapid building of HPC clusters, making it easy to create and delete compute nodes based on workload. In addition, you can use cores that can scale up to thousands, large amounts of memory, and shared storage for clusters in light of high-performance computing.


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Use Cases and Effect

Elastic configurations
Use NAVER Cloud’s compute, storage, and database services to build a large-scale HPC environment fast. With easily scalable compute resources, you can seamlessly adjust HPC usage on demand.
Accelerated computing
Intel’s latest CPU and NVIDIA’s GPU-based HPC server to compute and analyze your resources quickly.
Flexible infrastructure
You can use NAVER Cloud Platform’s dedicated HPC infrastructure as well as your own on-premises HPC resources to configure a hybrid HPC environment.
Efficient metered pricing
HPC services are metered as they are billed according to the capacity and time used to configure and use the HPC services. As you pay as you go, you can plan an efficient use of your operation budget.