HPC(High-Performance Computing) on Cloud

Creating HPC Clusters Using Microsoft's HPC Pack in a Cloud Environment

About Architecture

High-performance computing (HPC) is a large-scale computing service for massive data processing required for complicated computing tasks, such as risk analysis of foreign exchange or financial derivatives, as well as climate or weather modeling for the national weather services. With NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can easily create HPC clusters using Microsoft HPC Pack. Using NCP Init Script, you can maintain the head node of the fixed HPC and easily create and delete the compute nodes depending on the workload. You can expand your clusters to utilize thousands of cores in order to support high-performance computing and take advantage of the high-volume memory and public repository provided for your clusters. All these features can be configured utilizing the a dedicated HPC infrastructure in a cloud environment. In the meantime, because this HPC cluster service also allows you to configure a hybrid HPC environment based on your on-premise resources, you can utilize this service for various workloads for a wide range of service types.


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Use Cases and Effect

Convenient HPC Environment
Utilizing the computers, storage, and DB services provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM, you can create a large scale HPC environment in a short period of time. A flexible planning of HPC operation is possible because you can freely add and return resources by HPC tasks, by configuring the cluster nodes with NCP init scripts.
High-performance HPC Service
To guarantee faster computing speeds and high analysis performance, we provide HPC servers based on the bare metal servers or CPU intensive servers capable of high-performance networking, which are equipped with Intel's latest processors.
Flexible Configuration
You can complete all the configurations utilizing the dedicated HPC infrastructure provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM. Also, you can configure a hybrid HPC environment utilizing your on-premise resources. In order to respond to a high workload and quickly secure additional capacity, you can add the IPSec VPN and access control-enabled compute nodes provided by NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM to your on-premise HPC environment.
Efficient Cost Management
An effective cost plan becomes available since you will only be charged for the actual amount of resources and the usage time required to implement your HPC. You can use Microsoft HPC Middleware to operate the HPC cluster, without any additional charges.
Right Security for the Work
A high level of security is mandatory in operating an HPC cluster, as it is a place to process your core business. The HPC service we provide guarantees the right security for your work by fully blocking unauthorized access via an access control over the HPC clusters and VPN connections between your business site and the cloud data center.